Sunday, April 22, 2012

Days Gone By

Hello again!  The past weeks have been quite eventful.  I have started a new job, we celebrated Easter, we have enjoyed bean bags and golf in our backyard, and much more!

Shaun bought Delainey a small set of plastic golf clubs.  He hopes to get her out on the course!
Golf lesson #1
Someone is ready to get the lawn mower going!  We are all really looking forward to our first summer in the new house with the new big yard.  Gardening, playhouse, hop-scotch... what more could you ask for?!
Dying eggs for Easter - my favorite!  We had a blast dying about 30 eggs.  It was such a workout that Delainey peeled two eggs and ate them before I got everything cleaned up. 

All dressed up for Easter!
During Easter weekend we stopped in to see Grandpa Leo.  We came just in time to have afternoon lunch.  Delainey was especially excited for the oreos and juice!  And of course, Grandpa had to send home our favorite treat - M&M's!!

Hooray! The Easter Bunny came!

Ready, set, go.... find those eggs!

Sporting some new shades and pj's from the Easter Bunny!

The Falken house is doing well and looking forward to more beautiful weather!

My new position is a Credit Analyst for Wells Fargo in the Aberdeen main branch.  I really like the position as I continue to do training.  I was out of town all last week for training and go back again the first week in May.  I sure did miss being away from my family, but traveling will not be a regular thing, thank goodness!  Not sure how my Dad does it! :)

Since I was gone all last week, I spent a lot of time playing with Delainey this weekend, and boy was it enjoyable! Wow has her imagination came alive!  We watched an imaginary parade several times; there were clowns, horses, and bands playing!  Also we had to go shopping, make supper, and watch a hockey game!  It was a busy little Saturday for Delainey, the two babies, and myself! 

Today we went to the park to play, took a nice long walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather we are having!  We didn't manage to spot any turtles at Wylie Park sun bathing on the rocks, but we will watch for them again.  A few weeks ago there were several turtles out catching some rays.  Some rocks had as many as three turtles - it was a packed beach for those fellas!  Delainey and I spent a lot of time walking along the rocks and watching them dive into the water one at a time, and one brave turtle would normally stay on the rocks for us to watch from a short distance.

I need to make more time to stop and play with her.  Someday soon she will not be so anxious for Mommy to play, and boy did I have a blast!

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