Friday, June 8, 2012

GRAND weekend!

For me Memorial Day weekend has always felt like the start of summer! This year we had a full, busy, fun, memorable Memorial weekend.

We spent the weekend at the Halverson cabin at Clear Lake with Joe, Sarah, the kids, and Mom. It was great! Although the weather wasn't ideal for a "lake" weekend, we made the most of it. A fun part about spending the weekend at any cabin is preparing... what to bring, what to eat, haul it in, pack it up again! It's work, but it's fun work! There's something really great about bringing a little part of home somewhere else for a few days. Well, I guess it's vacation!!! 

We went on some walks, we had a bomb fire, the girls snuggled and watched a movie one night, we ate, drank and visited until early morning, and we even took some awesome family pictures!  Thanks, Erin Westby! We love them all!!

After packing up the cabin, we headed back home to watch the final day of horse racing in Aberdeen. Horse races on Memorial Day has been a tradition for our family for the past couple of years. We had a great time with more family and friends. And Delainey even got to ride a pony! :)
Happy Girl!
What a weekend!  The best part about it is that we got to spend time with so many great people.  We saw most of our siblings, cousins, and all of our grandma's and grandpa's in the same weekend! Woot woot!

Summer is off to a great start and we are really looking forward to our first summer in our new home. We have a garden planted for the first time, a nice yard to run and play in, a playhouse, and a great drive way for riding bike.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Delainey is riding a bike!

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  1. Way to go Delainey! That's one cool bike!

    I love the purple flower picture. What a cutie!