Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heat Wave

We started a week long heat wave this weekend.  We also had a house that needed some attention, so it worked out alright!  Delainey only asked to go outside about 47 times... the girl loves the outdoors!  I actually overheard Delainey on her play telephone saying "go outside? Not today, too hot"  hehe :)   She's spreading the word! 

Taking good care of her babies.
We did managed to go outside for a few quick trips, but for the most part we remained indoors enjoying the central air we are so lucky to have.  We went down the street to a free concert by "Point of Grace".  It was Presentation College's 125th Anniversary, where they had a day full of free activities.  Mom and I have always enjoyed music by "Point of Grace", so we really wanted to check them out.  We packed lots of water, bug spray, and sunscreen, and headed to the park for a concert! 

We enjoyed the concert under a tent with a little breeze! 
We all had a great time!

"Point of Grace"
 I love having a full weekend with no plans!  Today we stayed in our pj's until mid-morning, Daddy made us a delicious breakfast/brunch, we all went for a walk before lunch, we danced to some new tunes, we took turns hugging Dags, and the list goes on. What an awesome day together... now on to the next thing!

Finger painting!!!
(See Dags on the kitchen floor... he's loving the air conditioning too!)
Stay cool everyone!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Delainey is TWO!

July 1, 2011 marked Delainey's 2nd birthday! She is such a joy, and we all had a great birthday weekend! 

We started it off right with Mommy taking the day off from work and spending the day with the birthday girl!

We made cinnamon rolls for breakfast!

And cupcakes for dinner!
We took Dags for a walk, played around the house, and took a long nap.  The plans of going to the waterpark will have to wait for another day.  We had grandma over for dinner and cupcakes! 


More baby accessories! Hurray!!!
 The fourth of July weekend started off great and continued to be a fun time.  We went to see Grandpa and Grandma Aadland along with other family at the lake. The weather was perfect, and we even got a boat ride!

Grandpa got a lot of exercise that day at the lake.
Hold on tight!
Snacking on popcorn with great-grandma! Life is good!!

We spent the fourth of July at Chad and Anne's with several friends. The kids ran all afternoon and played until they were exhausted. We lit some fun tanks and chickens before the sun went down, and the beautiful fireworks came later in the evening!

Happy 4th of July everyone from our little firecracker!