Friday, February 18, 2011

Warm Days

We have been blessed with warm weather this week, and we all have enjoyed it! As we headed out each morning this week, we didn't get the "take your breath away" feeling from the bitter cold. Instead we walked a little slower to the car after daycare, we soaked up the sun, and took a deep breath of fresh air. We can't wait for spring and summer!

Since the weather warmed up, we finally got to take Delainey sledding for the first time. We stayed in our front yard, but it was still very exciting and fun! We have more snow this year than I can ever remember. Some has already melted and it is still higher than Delainey.

Looks like she's walking in a tunnel!

This week we also celebrated Valentine's Day! Delainey gave and received several valentine's from daycare, and she even tried giving one to Dags. He wasn't too interested, maybe next year?
"Dags, please be my Valentine?"

Saturday, February 5, 2011


"Horse" is one of Delainey's clearest words.  See the video below, and please ignore the second part of the video. We had a disagreement on who was suppose to hold the camera. :)

The word first came out as we played with puzzles. A horse and a dog seem to be on nearly half of our puzzles, so we talk about them a lot. We really don't know which animals Delainey loves more dogs or horses, but we know these are two of her favoites! 


This love will come in handy when playing with her cousins, Maya and Elliot, who both love horses.  What is it with this animal?  As a little girl I also had a love for horses.  I planned to save my allowance and buy one someday, but I'm glad I switched my focus.  I would probably still be saving!  However, I still do love horses; they are strong and beautiful and perhaps I will ride one with Delainey someday! :)