Monday, March 12, 2012

Look Who's 50!

A few weeks ago we all got together to celebrate Mom's 50th Birthday!  We were a few weeks early, but now the birthday week is here.  In a few days Mom will be fabulous and fifty!

On our weekend away, we spent an action packed 24 hours with our fun, loving cousins. We checked in at noon on Saturday, checked out at noon on Sunday, and never left the hotel once! We swam, we ate, and we swam some more! Sarah made a delicious cake, and I am so glad we ate it before going to supper. As the saying goes, "make sure you have room and eat dessert first!"  Needless to say, the weekend couldn't have been better!

The night before the celebration. Bath done, pj's on, hugs from Dags, and whisk in hand! :)
Maxwell Joseph - what a treat!
Nana, we love you!


Happy 50th Birthday Nana!!! We love you!

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