Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It is no surprise that I love to talk.  I think Delainey is following in her Mommy's footsteps!  She talks constantly when at home, but is shy and quiet when around others. That will change!

We were invited to Hayden's 1st Birthday party!
Three musketeers - Delainey, Carsen, and Camryn - together again!
I wish I could record or write down all of the sweet and clever things that Delainey shares with us lately. Instead, I try to enjoy the moment and take in all that I can.

The iPad is her new favorite thing. Most days after work I hear, "Mom, can I please have that." I love that she is using super duper manners, but sometimes she needs to play with puzzles and babies. However, she is a whiz on the iPad. She finds her games, her puzzles, and movies all by herself.  She definiately has more apps on the device than Shaun or I. :)

Matching or memory games are Delainey's favorites. Her mind is a steel trap. Right now she talks about our eye color.  She says, "Mine are blue, Daddy's are blue, Grandpa Lonnie's are blue, Grandma Bev's are blue and Mommy's are green like Grandma Peggie's!" Right on, sugar!

The weather has been "scooterific"! We can't wait to get the small bikes with training wheels out and learn to ride like the wind!

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