Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Settled

The Falken's are back!

We have been in our new home for over 5 weeks, and we have been pretty much settled for most of them.  A few boxes still linger around, because maybe it's stuff we haven't used in a while and we just don't know where to put it.  Maybe one would get rid of it, but I just can't do that.... yet!  As far as our new home, we LOVE it!  It fits our family life, and we feel like it was built with us in mind.

Enjoying s'mores before the snow flies.

Watching some TV, enjoying the fireplace, and playing dress up! What a Daddy!

My posts this fall have been few and far in between, but Delainey hasn't stopped changing daily.  She is as full of energy as ever and keeps us on our toes.  She has found a love for coloring. Morning or night, she grabs colors, makers, and whatever is near to her that needs coloring!  We have also done some watercolor painting, which has become a big hit... Delainey an artist?  Possibly!

Within the past few weeks we enjoyed a holiday - Halloween!  Delainey excitedly dressed up as a cowgirl. She already has a love for horses.  We drive by several horses on our way to and from town everyday. We say "good morning", "hello", and "good night" most days.

One sweet morning conversation on our way to town:

Delainey: "Hi, horses!"
Mommy: "Delainey, that is nice of you to tell the horses 'hello'"
Delainey: "It makes them happy."
Mommy: "You make me happy."
Delainey: "No Mommy, you make me happy." 

She melts my heart.

Here's our cowgirl!

This fall the weather has been spetacular giving us time to do some last minute yard work and take a few extra jumps in the leaves! 

Although this fall began with having to say good-bye to one of the strongest women I know, and continued on by throwing our family a few more bumps in the road.  I have to take time and reflect on the blessings in my life. My family.  I am one lucky woman!  I am so thankful for the strong support system of family members who are ready to pick you up when you feel like falling. Thanks ;)

And... one of the shortest ladies in our life really knows how to keep it real!


  1. That's one adorable little cowgirl!... And will she have fun playing horsey at my house! If you can't wait for Christmas, we'd be glad to hang out with her while you shop til you drop in the cites :) (or just get out on the town for a while!)