Monday, October 17, 2011

Farewell to Our First Home

Our first home is now empty and ready for someone new to make their own memories.  As excited and happy as we are with our new home purchase, it was still a bit sad to see our home of over six years empty as we walked out the door.

We had many wonderful memories there! We hosted several gatherings with friends, BBQ's in the summer, and in the winter there were football parties, New Year's parties, and even one big sleepover when everything in Aberdeen shutdown for a major snow storm. As we all were sent home from work everyone stopped for snacks, put on sweats, and gathered at the Falken's for a fun night of Wii!

Then there were family gatherings.  In our tiny kitchen we hosted a few Thanksgiving dinners, a graduation party, birthday parties, and other frequent visits from family just to say "hello". 

Along with the temporary visitors we had a few permanent ones as well! A few months after moving into our new home, we purchased a puppy to keep us company. We brought Dags home July 2005, and he was/is as spoiled as any dog could be. 

Then came our wonderful Delainey bug!  She seemed to feel right at home as we got her acquainted with her new surroundings, including Dags.  As Delainey rested in her room, we began to learn where and where not to step on the hardwood floor. Once you get a baby to sleep, you certainly don't want that one misstep to undo all of the rocking.

We will never forget our time at 1120 N 1st Street, but we are ready to move on to new memories in our new home. Come visit us anytime!  Delainey would love to show you her new room or her new backyard... she is quite the tour guide!


  1. So happy for you guys! Can't wait to see the new place!

  2. Did she really start out so little! We miss you all :)