Friday, May 27, 2011


Tonight we had a farewell picnic at Children's Choice daycare. It started with a pre-school graduation, and then the party continued!  All of the parents, kids, and other siblings ate together, laughed, and shared hugs until it was time to head home for bed. Delainey has learned so much from the wonderful caregivers at Children's Choice, and next week we move on to start a new journey at a new daycare. Delainey has made some great friends within the past nine months, and several of them will be at the new daycare!

Next Tuesday's agenda: same friends, same time, different place...

Delainey gave hugs to all of the great gals before heading home.

Jenny always had a spare hug at the end of the day!
Reggie was the greeter in the early morning to start our day off right! And... she fixed Delainey's
 hair so cute in the afternoons!
There's Angie... the Queen of Children's Choice!
We will miss the entire Hanson clan!
Michelle had a mountain of patience and took time to listen to everyone's stories, one at a time!
Amanda was always a ray of sunshine! She sent us off each night with a smile!
There they are... the jewels of Children's Choice!!

All of the good-byes can exhaust anyone... even a panda bear!

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