Monday, November 8, 2010

Belated Happy Halloween and more

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We sure did!  Delainey was a flower for Halloween, and she did a great job walking from door to door around our block. We visited our next door neighbors first, which is so fun. They think Delainey is such a treat. Then off to visit our babysitter and her four little girls.  They welcomed Delainey with a big bowl of candy and knew exactly what she would like out of their bowl. Then over to grandma's house for another special treat!  It was a great second Halloween for our little Lainey! 
Daddy and Dags are great leaders!
The rocking chair has also been a big hit lately. Delainey is now tall enough to get in it all by herself.  The chair gets pushed all over our house, because sometimes you feel like rocking in the kitchen and sometimes you feel like rocking in the livingroom!  There are a few more pictures taken from the fun times this week.

Delainey and Daddy reading before bedtime

Silly grin!

Delainey loves the shopping cart.  Notice the purse too.  She was born a shopper!

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  1. That's one cute little flower! Thanks for the pics and the stories. Can't believe how fast she's growing! See you all in a few weeks!