Friday, October 29, 2010

On the run!

So I already lied. Two weeks have went by since my last post.  Oops...

Delainey has been busy learning new sounds to make. She repeatedly tells Dags to "shhh".  Daddy and I must say that a little too much!  Poor dog, he never got in trouble until we had a sweet sleeping baby around the house. He still has things pretty good. Delainey also practices her "sh's" by looking for her shoes. Each morning before daycare we ask if she's ready to go, and then it comes "shoes, shoes..."

Here she is running in her dress shoes and jabbering for the camera!

The weather is getting colder. We haven't been able to play outside after work and daycare, but she still seems to be pretty exhausted at bedtime!

Sometimes the most fun things in the house are not the toys at all.  Last night, it was the pack of diapers and a cell phone that seemed to take the cake.  No need to search for a mini couch; we'll just use a pack of diapers for kicking back!

When she looked up, I got this face!  What a goof ball....she's her father's daughter! haha

Delainey got to wear her Halloween costume to daycare this morning.  It was a little early to be taking pictures, so we'll try to add more on Sunday after we go trick-or-treating, (or just visiting the neighbors!)

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