Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September...What a Month!

September 2012 came and went without one blog post from the Falken's.

Well, here is an attempt at summing up 30 days of September!

Jill and Mike got married! The weekend was full of friends and fun! We all had a great time!

High heels and pj's.... why not!?
Next up, Kayleigh and Chris's wedding! Another beautiful wedding and fun dance! The dance was a little eariler than most, which worked out perfect for our little ones who were ready to dance their socks off! And boy did they try! What a fun night of dancing!

Sunday after a delicious brunch, we were off to the Minnesota State Zoo. Wow - what a day! We saw so much in one afternoon, but we will definately need to go back again! Little Miss Delainey talked about it most of the way home until she fell asleep almost in mid-sentence. We are still talking about it today!

First day of Sunday School!
Little piano and bongo drums with the cousins... what fun!

In the middle of all of this fun, we also got to hear the greatest sound a parent can hear...the heartbeat of baby Falken due March 2013!!!
Delainey is going to be a BIG, proud sister! :)

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