Sunday, June 19, 2011

Celebration Summer!

Every summer is full of excitement as we spend time with family and friends! The weather gets nice and the planner fills up. Soon each weekend gets filled with activities, and less sleep than the winter months.  But we love it!  We love the memories we make, we so enjoy the love shared between those who mean the most to us, and we long for more hours, days, and weekends to do it all over again!

June has been great to us; it is certainly not over yet! We have celebrated many things in this month. Last weekend we took a road trip to help Maya celebrate her 6th birthday!  We were able to take part in Maya's friend birthday party. We all had a blast, but Delainey was the most exhausted.  She watched, she listened, and I think she took note as to what a six year old birthday party is all about!

Having a blast painting some caterpillars!
Fantastic party!
Beautiful girls!
Road trip!

This past week our Grandpa Keith turned 60! We missed his surprise birthday party as Delainey was a little under the weather, but we heard it was a great time with several great friends! We will have to continue the celebration another day!

This coming week we get to spend time with all of the Falken clan!  Shaun's brother Scott and his family are here from Rapid City, and Grandma and Grandpa Falken are in town for the week too.  There will be a lot of excitement as the five Falken cousins spend days together giggling, coloring, swinging, and the list goes on!  This week we will also start Delainey's birthday celebration even though her big day isn't really until July, but why not start early. :)

New picnic table for the girl who is almost TWO! Happy early Birthday Delainey!

Delainey helping Mommy make broccoli salad. Broccoli can turn from one floret to millions of little pieces very quickly! :)

As June comes to an end we prepare for one more joyous celebration! We wait for another cousin to be welcomed into the world! We are so anxious to meet the little blessing who will arrive in the weeks to come.
Hurray... let's celebrate!

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