Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Delainey is 21 months old, and so far every age has been my favorite.  I am amazed at what a precious little girl she already has become.
These are some of the things she does to amaze me lately.
  • She hands me a book and tells me to sit
  • She turns her Twilight Turtle on with her toe… just like Mommy and Daddy
  • She wakes up happy
  • She already loves shoes!  She loves her own, she loves Mommy’s, and she loves Daddy’s
  • She loves her “Woof Woof” aka Dags… she wipes his nose with a Kleenex
  • She helps Mommy and Daddy with any project
  • She tries to repeat everything
  • She blows kisses, but not on command :)
  • She loves Daddy's hats

  • She gives the greatest hugs, the most exciting high-fives, and has the sweetest smile

  • She loves “Ring Around The Rosie”
This weekend as we visited Great-Grandma and Grandpa Spindler, Delainey reached to Grandma Peggie to hold hands. Then she reached for Great-Grandma Del, and they held hands. Delainey then said to me, “Mama, Rosie?” I joined in and the four Louises sang and played “Ring Around The Rosie”. 
How amazing.

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  1. Ring around the rosie.... how sweet! We sure miss her ;)