Thursday, January 20, 2011

18 months and growing!

Delainey is changing by leaps and bounds these days! She is adding more words to her vocabulary daily. A few of the favorite words are horse, sock, car, hat, please, duck, and dats (which means dad, mom, or whoever else will answer)  :)  There is still a lot of jibber jabber within the words which is always fun to listen to as well. She even leaned in to tell a secret last night before bed.  I was reading her a book, and she leaned in, looked me in the eye, and said something very serious in a sweet, soft voice.  It made us giggle!

Kicking back on the new couch
Another fun thing Delainey has been doing lately is picking up after Shaun and I.  She brings the remotes to Shaun wherever he is in the house. Also, she carries our drink glasses to us if we leave them behind. There have been a few spilled glasses of water, but that is an easy mess to clean up!

We have had a few fun nights of snacking on popcorn together!  I think Delainey enjoys it almost as much as I do!
Loving the popcorn!
Delainey's imagination is already in full swing, she entertains herself so well. It is fun to watch and listen to her turn into a "toddler"!  She recieved a baby for Christmas, but it wasn't until recently that she has treated it like a real baby. I think she has been watching the daycare ladies with the newborn that just started coming to our daycare.  Now she feeds her baby a bottle, burps the baby, rocks the baby, and kisses the baby's forehead. It's so precious.

Big girl playing with her hair pieces

Last weekend we went to visit Great Grandma and Grandpa Spindler. Delainey played with grandma's tupperware cupboard and had a blast!

She was also very excited to be able to color the newspaper. Life is good! :)

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